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The essential app for fine tea on the go!

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Start finding your favourite tea now!

Find My Tea is available on any mobile device! Download now to get started!

Find My Tea

Finding your tea made easy

Problem solved – Find My Tea takes the hard work out of finding your favourite blend. You won't have to endure standard tea brands when you're away from home. You can now enjoy the tea that you love anywhere.

Find My Tea

Tea made simple

Whether you're looking for loose leaves or tea bags to take home, or a cafe to unwind in with your favourite blend – it's easy. Simply type in your location OR postcode, and you'll soon be able to find the shop or cafe SERVING the tea that touches your tastebuds. Simple.

Find My Tea

Specialist teas are now easy to find

With over 100 million cups of tea enjoyed daily by the Brits, we can well & truly say that we are a nation of tea lovers. With the consumption of specialist teas on the rise too. If you're drinking a favourite exotic blend at home, you're going to want to know where you can source it when you're on the move. Now you can

Find My Tea

No more weak cuppas

A new app highlighting the best places to buy a brew has been launched by a Norwich tech entrepreneur. Paul Grenyer has launched Find My Tea, an app where users will be able to find nearby cafes with their hygiene ratings and the brand of tea they use. Read more.

I started a new job in January (2020) which involved travelling to London. One lunchtime I found myself on the concourse at Waterloo station wondering where I could find a cafe serving my favourite specialist tea or a shop selling a box of my preferred choice of tea bags. I could find neither.

This started me thinking about building a mobile app for helping people to find any of their ideal ranges of tea whenever they’re away from their home. All I needed was the tech. As this seemed like a great learning exercise for some of the skills I am using in my new job. I set to work.

Paul Grenyer 2020
Creator of Find My Tea

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